Video About Kingma Flutes


Demonstration videos by Dave Weiss

Dave Weiss made some beautiful videos, featuring our Alto, Bass, and Contrabass flutes.

Grolloo Flute Sessions 2021?

We were sorry we had to cancel the 6th Edition of Grolloo Flute Sessions.
As you know many measures are taken worldwide and by the Dutch government to fight the COVID-19 virus.

New! First Kingma & Brannen Bass flute with Kingma System®

I have been working on the first full Kingma System®  Bass flute in C (Kingma & Brannen Design). This instrument is exceptionally light and comfortable to play. Adds many possibilities to the repertoire of the Bass flute.

Matusi Headjoint

The Matusi headjoint features a vibrating membrane, operated by a key.



FluteXpansions, a project of Shanna Pranaitis and Matthias Ziegler, is a new e-learning resource and community for performers and composers to learn and explore sounds of the contemporary flute.

Honorable visit

In 2020 the King's Commissioner of Drenthe, Mrs Jette Kleinsma, honoured the workshop with her visit.