The Kingma Alto flute has become a popular instrument. Many Kingma Alto flutes have found their way to satisfied customers. The unique quality of this Alto flute stimulates players to use it as their main instrument. Alto flutes have a uniquely responsive lower register and a very warm and projecting sound over all octaves.

In 2011, Eva Kingma redesigned her Alto flutes, together with Bickford Brannen. He created a much lighter and very elegant mechanism. The result is the Kingma & Brannen design Alto flute, which is well-known for its high quality and ergonomic design.  Kingma & Brannen Alto flutes are built according to the Cooper scale and are available in different models. Pitch is at A-442. Body and headjoint are solid silver with soldered tone holes. Padding with Straubinger pads. To limit the weight, I chose for a silverplated mechanism with pointed or Y-arms. The mechanism can be adjusted for small hands without extra charge.

Matthias Ziegler demonstrates the open hole Alto flute