Grolloo Flute Sessions in 2024 - The 9th edition!

Eva Kingma

We announce a new edition of the inspiring Grolloo Flute Sessions. This will be number 9. Also this year the program will consist of six full days.

So, there will be a 2024 (9th) edition of Grolloo Flute Sessions. We will plan for 20-25 August 2024 (arrival on the 19th). We will keep you informed about our plans through the website of Grolloo Flute Sessions.

We hope to meet you this, or next year

Very best wishes,
The Grolloo Flute Team

Demonstration videos by Dave Weiss

Dave Weiss made some beautiful videos, featuring our Alto, Bass, and Contrabass flutes.
For every instrument, he gives an introduction, and then performs a short piece.