Demonstration videos by Dave Weiss

Dave Weiss made some beautiful videos, featuring our Alto, Bass, and Contrabass flutes.
For every instrument, he gives an introduction, and then performs a short piece.

Grolloo Flute Sessions 2022?

Eva Kingma

In May 2021 we discussed options to organise a new edition of Grolloo Flute Sessions.
The situation with COVID looked promising in May. But currently, the number of infections is rising again. In several countries and in the Netherlands measures and travel restrictions need to be reactivated. One of these measures is that gatherings and festivals are not allowed. In addition, travelers to, and from Holland will need several tests and possibly quarantine.

In view of these developments, we had to decide that we are not able to plan a live edition of Grolloo Flute Sessions for this year.
This is with pain in the heart – we were so much looking forward to this year’s event.

We had also discussed an online version of Grolloo Flute Sessions, hoping that it could offer an alternative and allow us to reach out to you and continue Grolloo Flute Sessions during these difficult times. The many fabulous aspects of the live event we were losing were set against the positives we could see in an online version of Grolloo, so it was a difficult decision. However, for a variety of reasons we have decided not to do a fully digital Grolloo this August.

So the sad conclusion is: there will not be a 2021 (6th) edition of Grolloo Flute Sessions. We will plan for 24-28 August 2022 (arrival on the 23rd). We will keep you informed about our plans through our website. We will start planning in January – so please keep an eye on the website beginning 2022.

Best wishes to you all, have a wonderful summer 2021.
And we really hope to meet next year

Very best wishes,
The Grolloo Flute Team