Kingma Bass flutes are renowned worldwide for their flexibility, response, and power over all registers. With the increase in available repertoire and the versatility of today’s musicians, the use of bass flutes has dramatically increased in recent years. It is possible to offer a solution for any performance task. The very ergonomic design and well-balanced mechanism of a Kingma Bass flute have resulted in much more comfort during performance and rehearsal. This stimulates the player to use it more and more. We are convinced that this instrument has gained the respect it deserves. We feel honored to present a scale for the bass flute designed by Albert Cooper.

n 2015, Eva Kingma redesigned her  Bass flute, together with Bickford Brannen. The result is the Kingma & Brannen design Bass flute, which offers high quality and a light-weight, ergonomic design. You can also order the Eva Kingma design Bass flute, which offers a more flexible range of options and designs.

Large bore Bass flutes have a wonderful response over all octaves, which is useful for ensembles and orchestras. Small bore Bass flutes are interesting for contemporary players because of a very focused sound and multiphonic capabilities


A Kingma Bass flute is silverplated and comes with a solid silver head joint, silver lipplate, and embouchure and is padded with Straubinger pads. All instruments are built to a scale of A=442 Hz. Every instrument is delivered with a Wiseman case, and carbon fibre stand.