The Contrabass Flute, a full two octaves lower than the C-flute, is the ‘Gentle Giant’ of the flute family. It’s warm tone may seem not loud at first hearing, but carries in an impressive way. And it is with much pleasure that we introduce this wonderful instrument to you.
A Contrabass flute is silverplated and is tuned at the scale A=442Hz. The standard model Contrabass flute has a B footjoint. Each instrument is delivered with a Wiseman case and the newly designed stand. Even on this big instrument the option of trill-keys is available!

Gareth McLearnon demonstrates Modern Contrabass techniques

Gareth McLearnon: How to play and write for the Contrabass Flute

This is the new tripod stand for the Contrabass flute.

It stabilizes the instrument while you are playing. So. your hands are more free for playing and less for balancing the instrument sideways.

And when you are not playing, your instrument is safely resting on three pods.

This stand fits inside your flute case, mainly within the tubing of your instrument. So, easy for travelling.