The Kingma System®

The patented Kingma System® was invented in our workshop. It was further developed in collaboration with Bickford Brannen. With his brilliant ideas the Kingma System®  became possible on a C-flute. A Kingma System® flute is, in all respects, a Boehm system flute with a C# trill. All of the normal touch pieces and fingerings are where you would expect them to be. What makes this flute so unique is that, in addition to the standard Boehm mechanism, there are six extra keys. This is made possible through the use of the patented key-on-key system that has been used so successfully on our alto and bass flutes for many years. These keys are used to produce six of the seven quartertones and multiphonic vents which are “missing” on the normal French model flute. The seventh “missing” quartertone is achieved by using the C# trill key together with the normal C key. The other five quartertones are produced by using the normal, open hole keys.


This is a revolutionary system which provides the flautist with many extra possibilities. The Kingma System® is available on the Alto- and Bass flutes built in our workshop. The Brannen-Cooper Kingma System® C-Flute is available from Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc. Also the Levit Flute Company makes the Levit-Kingma System® C-Flute.


Several authors have described the Kingma System®. Carla Rees wrote an extensive documentation of the Kingma System® on Alto flute and on Bass flute for composers and flutists. A fingering chart was composed by Ann LaBerge. Karin Bijsterfeld and Martin Schulp wrote about this innovation. Deborah Fether and Cindy Ying Shiung described the Kingma System® in their study projects.